Q4 Newsflash 2018

As another year swings around we have so much to be grateful for in 2018!

This year has been chock-a-block full of excitement and new developments and we’d like you to celebrate some of these highlights with us


Our year end grading proved to be the very biggest that CJA has ever held with 220 students grading

Congratulations to all our CJA Warriors – we are so very proud of what you have achieved!   #CJAway

Photos to be found here:




Photos to be found here:


We had an amazing End-of-Year function this past weekend and would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity in providing Printer hardware and Certificates:

  • Intergro – Business Solutions
  • Mannemarak Branding (Graphic design, Printing and Promotions)

We really appreciate this involvement and your gifting!


  • If anyone would like to offer any sponsorship for 2019 please contact Alex or Mike in this regard


Thanks also to those who contributed and made this a really terrific event:

Tracey  – Tuckshop and Zack – Coffee Truck


Highlights of our YEAR:

  • 88 = New WP Colours Issued for 2018
  • 11 = Double WP Colours
  • 4 = Triple WP Colours
  • 2 = Quadruple WP Colours
  • 2 = Quintuple WP Colours
  • 3 = Absolute Champions (National)
  • 4 = Grand Champions (National)
  • Michael Blok = took the national ADCC Championship in JHB
  • 2 = CJA Students representing SA in USA in 2018
  • 2 = New Black Belts
  • 4 = New Brown Belts
  • 5 = New Instructors inducted in to Instructor’s Course


  • All KIDS classes are finished for 2018
  • Adult Classes close on Thursday 13th December

ALL CLASSES resume again on 14th Jan 2019 (please diarise this so you don’t forget)


We’re really excited to introduce our new CJA Branding and a huge thanks to Anthony Chute for the rocking design and layout

Full Battle Gear never looked so good!!


HOT NEWS in 2018:

CJA Office:

We waved a sad goodbye, after 5 years, to our Office Manager, Catherine Nortje, as she left for the UK in July and were fortunate enough to welcome Etrecia Odendaal as the new presence in the CJA Office, responsible for Accounts and Admin & CJA’s new brain-child for 2019 – NEURO-Ov8tion

Welcome Etrecia!


CJA Expansion in 2018:

One of our biggest highlights this year was to be able to establish our very first franchised CJA Academy in Langebaan and an Associate Academy in Bellville.

  • Ronel Plant is the Assistant Instructor heading up the Langebaan dojo and to date has well over 30 students.

Well done Ronel, and we look forward to even more exciting growth in 2019

  • Jason O’Reilly is the Head Instructor at Supreme Martial Arts and joined CJA as an Associate Academy.

Jason, it’s wonderful to have you in the CJA family!


CJA Fight Club

We realised that there are certain students who wanted to take their fighting skills to the next level. They wanted to be the best of the best, and so this year we established CJA Fight Club.

Headed up by Michael Blok and Brian Mathiesen, this is an elite, invitation-only club for specifically selected students who show excellence above and beyond the norm

These students are the cream of CJA fighters

To date we have 20 members of Fight Club and look forward to seeing this grow even further next year



CJA already leads the field as the largest and the premier school for Jiu Jitsu within the South Africa

Teaching adults and children to be warriors and leaders has been our goal and ambition since its’ inception in 2000 and Brain-Ov8tion will offer another arrow in this quiver.


We are planning to launch CJA NEURO-OV8TION in the 1st term of 2019

(A separate email will be sent out with details)

It is an Academy for the Mind and will offer students power-skills to improve their cognitive function and results

If you’re finding study, test results, performance and retention a challenge or simply want to improve your game then this is exactly what you need


If you’d like to hear more about this innovative and powerful training system we will be holding a TWO Free Information Evenings:

Thursday 6th December: 6.30 – 8.00pm at Guide Hall in Hoff Street, Tableview

Monday 10th December: 7.30 – 9.00pm at Durbanville Community Church Vierlanden Durbanville


*Definitely to be recommended!


We would like to thank everyone who has assisted and worked with us to make this the most phenomenal 12 months ever!

We are eternally grateful to God, our students, parents and associate partners!

And finally, we’d like to wish you all a Blessed & Peaceful Festive Season and a Joyful New Year

Lets all remember to share the Love and the Happiness with those who have less

than we do…

Have a Wonderful Holiday and see you on the 14th January for another Rocking year

#CJA_Way – All Day!

Warmest Regards

Mike, Alex and the Entire CJA Team


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