Cape Classic 2018


CJA, the oldest martial arts school for kids, teens and adults in South Africa, recently entered a contingent of fighters into the Cape Classic Tournament. This is a provincial tournament which draws peak levels of competitors from all over the country!

CJA walked in with confidence and a winning mindset – and walked out with some astounding results!!

They entered 93 total students, and from those competitors, walked away with a staggering total of:

68 Gold Medal

24 Silver Medals

13 Bronze Medals

5 Grand Championship Trophies.

“Absolutely all of these warriors competed with a raging fire in their hearts and souls. A truly peak experience as a teacher!!” said Head Instructor for CJA – Alex Herbig

Sport Martial Arts, and more specifically Jiu – Jitsu, is growing at an unprecedented rate in Cape Town and Surrounds! These sports provide a perspective on yourself that very few other activities can compare to.

Another huge congratulations to each and every brave warrior who took part!

“Discomfort is temporary. Pride is eternal.”

From Left to right.

Back Row: Alex Herbig (Head Instructor), Devan Nobel, Camryn Consul, Dian Gerber, Charl Laas, Dylan Mantel, Jean Laas, Brian Mathiesen, Heindrich Pepler, Franco van Schalkwyk, Bates Winshaw.

Front row: Kade Roos, Cara du Plessis, Joshua Mathiesen.

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