Q4 Newsflash 2017

WOW has 2017 flown past and what an incredible year it has been! It has been jammed packed full of firsts and blessings in so many ways.

So in no particular order – here is the last news flash for 2017 – it contains some important information so we ask you to please read thoroughly.

CLASSES (Ending 2017 and Starting 2018)

All kids classes have ended for 2017 and the ADULT CLASSES will end on 14th Dec

Children Classes start again:     22 January 2018

Adult Classes start again:          15 January 2018



We are excited to announce a NEW CLASS structure to enable the growth of CJA in 2018. Up to this point the classes have been split according to AGE.

From 2018 we are going to split the classes according to BELT GRADE – so that the more senior students get the advanced training they require.

Here is the NEW STRUCTURE – please have a look and make your choices for 2018 according to the belt that you have.

(We are aware that there will be a period of adjustment – so please do not panic – we will be phasing this in to accommodate as many people as possible.)

Please contact myself or Alex if you are unsure of how it works.

Grade RR / R / 0 classes are not affected!

























We ended the year off on a high note with over 170 students grading to their new belts – WELL DONE to those that made it.

Grading Photos are here:



CJA End of Year Function / Prize-giving

After the grading we had our Annual Prize-giving and Award Ceremony.

The highlights were:

  • 101 = Total Number of WP Colours Issued for 2017
  • 57 = Total WP A Team Colours
  • 44 = Total WP B Team Colours
  • 24 = Students with DOUBLE WP Colours
  • 3 = Students with TRIPLE WP Colours
  • 4 = CJA Students representing SA in 2017
  • 3 = New Instructors attaining Rank
  • 25 = Instructors Ranking up to Next Level


  • Instructor of the Year 2017 = Tyler Kramps

The photos of this event can be found here:


Instructor Leader Course

One of the underlying principles of CJA is: “A Jiu-Jitsu Club FOR youth, BY youth” and our Instructor Course is designed to facilitate that vision.

We are very excited to be able to welcome four new instructors to the course in January!

The students who have been identified with that extra “something” will be entering the L.E.A.D.E.R Course (Learning Excellence And Developing Empowered Responsibility) in 2018– we look forward to watching them progress on their journey to become leaders!

We welcome the following Cadet Instructors:

  • Ruan Louw
  • Kendra Stiles
  • Riley Laden
  • Travis Snyman

Best of skills to you all! We have a huge amount of faith in you! J


The story of the Rope

At the Prize-giving I started telling the story about why I wear a rope – and then somehow forgot to end off that story – (#oldage) – so I thought I would end it here for everybody.

At the end of 2016 – I graded myself to my FINAL GRADE – from Black Belt 6th Dan to WHITE BELT. (see full story here)

The reason I chose to wear a ROPE instead of a BELT was that it was meant to continue to symbolize the BASIC PRINCIPLES of LIFE and CJA. The rope is made up of THREE major cords – representing:

BODY / BLACK = Unconsciousness

MIND / RED = Consciousness

SPIRIT / WHITE = Higher Self

Each major strand is made up of a whole lot of smaller strands / filaments which represent each smaller aspect of each of the MAJOR cords.

For example in BODY – the smaller strands would each represent aspects like HEALTH, EXERCISE and DIET etc.

MIND would be made up of THOUGHTS, BELIEFS and AWARENESS etc.


Each strand builds up to a major cord – demonstrating that each aspect of our LIVES is NOT a BIG thing – but made up of smaller aspects that each in and of themselves represent Personal Responsibility and Decisions we make to build our lives.

So by wearing the rope it reminds me constantly about what it is that I do!

And lastly I found that the rope was better at holding my pants up than the belt <GRIN>

I trust that makes it a little clearer on the rope story.


On that note – that is it for 2017 – Alex and I wish you all an amazing FESTIVE SEASON filled with LOVE, LAUGHTER and ABUNDANCE!

Take care and see you next year

Warm Regards

Mike and Alex


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