End of Q2 – 2016 Newsflash

Hi everyone!

The second term has ended, and with it, comes the cold Cape Town Winter! Grab a warm beverage and catch up on the latest news from CJA


On Saturday the 18th June, we hosted our 2nd Term grading, and had over 130 people advance to their next belts! Congratulations to everyone, from the people who got their white belts, to those who persisted through a tough blue belt grading!

With regard to the stripes that were given out at the grading, and classes, please have them SEWN onto the belt by the beginning of next term.

  • Please only use the provided stripes.
  • The first one wraps around the belt, two finger widths above the badge, and the consecutive stripes to be wrapped around the belt, one finger width apart.

Grading photos will be up by the beginning of Q3


With the onset of winter, comes the cold! Our CJA branded winter stock is designed to keep you toasty, even on the coldest days! We have snuggly hoodies, warm long pants, and cozy beanies! J

Drop us a mail if you would like to order anything for next term!

Second skins

The long awaited second skins are being put into production as you are reading this, and they should be ready by the end of July. As a bonus, we will also personalize any second skin you order with your Child’s name on the back for no extra cost!

Contact us if you would like to order yours!

Apologies once again to all those that have been waiting…. Almost there….


During the third term, we will be working towards Destiny, which takes place on the 1st / 2nd October! This is the national competition, and a great chance for our warriors to test their skills against other clubs and fighters, and of course, have a whole lot of fun! (Grade 1 and up only)

Remember if you won Gold at the Cape Classic, and take part in Destiny, you are eligible to receive your Western Province Colors for Jiu-Jitsu. The winners from Destiny are eligible to get their South African Colors, by joining the SA Squad, and touring to Orlando, USA, to fight in the world championships and represent South Africa in 2017.

We have FOUR fighters going to the USA this year. They will be competing on the 8th / 9th July 2016 in Orlando – BIG SHOUT OUT TO

  • Kehan Pretorius
  • Liam Dickson
  • Luandre Nel
  • Ruan Louw


We wish them the very best of skills and strength, and we know they will make us proud! J

In addition, we are very proud to announce that our Chief Instructor Mike has once again been selected as the SA Team Coach and Manager. Wishing him the very best on tour.


Cape Classic photos are up! Go check them out, like them, and tag any familiar faces!

Grading photos will also be up soon!

Check out and like our Facebook page while you are there!

Cape classic






The full results are to be found here: http://www.combatjiujitsu.co.za/results/competition/

PLEASE GO AND LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com/combatjj

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That is it – all the best, have a great holiday, and keep warm!


CLASSES for Q3 will be starting again the week of 18th July.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone there, and can’t wait to get back on the mat! J


Alex and the CJA Team

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