Welcome to 2015

Dear CJA Family

A bright and blessed welcome to 2015!

I wish each and every one of you the very best for the upcoming year!

We are looking forward to another amazing year filled with good training, competitions, grading, camp and of course tons and tons of laughter and fun.


Kids’ classes start again the week of Monday 26th January. (NEXT WEEK)

NB: THE WEDNESDAY 5-6 pm DURBANVILLE PRIMARY CLASS HAS MOVED! It is now at the Durbanville Preparatory School. Luckhoff Ave Durbanville

Adult Classes start Monday 19th of January. (TODAY)

NB: The ADULT CLASSES have now also moved and take place in the CHURCH HALL next door to the Primary School. The class time will be from 18:00 – 19:30, as per normal, until further notice.


There are TWO main competitions that take place this year. (Only for Grade 1 and up)

  1. CAPE CLASSIC:     1-2 May – this is the PROVINCIAL TOURNAMENT
  2. DESTINY:              10-11 October – this is the NATIONAL TOURNAMENT

There are also a few smaller ones taking place. Eg: the SWD Classic in GEORGE (13-14 March) and the Cape Town Winter Open in June.

I will send more info as it becomes available.


We have booked our camp for this year – so to be sure you do not miss out! Diarise the date:     30 Oct – 1 Nov 2015


Remember we post all our photos to the FACEBOOK page www.facebook.com/combatjj

Please like our page and tag and comment on the photos – makes for a great community spirit and lets you meet new people.


We will be introducing SNAPSCAN as a payment portal for GEAR orders etc. This is a great phone app (available in the PLAYSTORE and iTunes) that allows you to pay with your SMARTPHONE. Easy to setup, PIN secure and easy to use

More information: www.getsnapscan.co.za













Jane Stewart - CJA Instructor

Jane Stewart

We have a new addition to the CJA team this year! Our very own Rose amongst the Thorns, Jane Stewart will be joining us as a full time instructor. Many of you will have seen, and know Jane, and what a fantastic job she does teaching and interacting with the children. At the end of 2014, Jane graded for her Senior Brown Belt. She is the first female in CJA to achieve this rank.

We welcome Jane, and wish her a fantastic year!






We will be selling self-defense / pepper spray. We believe in “Safety First!” Pepper spray comes highly recommended as a viable form of self-defense, allowing you to incapacitate an opponent, and keep you / your family safe.

The pepper spray will have CJA branding.

It is a 60ml canister of direct steam spray. Expiry date: 05/2019 and costs R120


Ok folks all for now – so excited to see all the faces again and to meet all the new students that are joining us this year

Have an awesome day



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